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Evaluating Your Commercial Property Remodel

A renovation is a completely normal thing for property owners. It’s a standard part of the ownership cycle and if you want your property to look and function properly, it needs to be done on time. However, one of the biggest issues when remodeling your commercial property is determining all of the costs. The problem is that there isn’t a single formula for determining your costs. It all depends on factors such as material costs, location, use, functionalities, and labor costs. On top of that, you might have unexpected complications that could lead to additional costs. Still, it’s important to...

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Difficulties of Relocating a Business

Plant relocation is an intimidating task that most companies fear because it usually brings many risks along with it. Relocating an entire facility takes tremendous effort and careful planning. Businesses have numerous reasons for relocating their plants and facilities such as consolidating their operations, or they’ve found a better site with a better infrastructure to support their latest production goals. On the other hand, they could be downsizing or expanding, or maybe they just want to move closer to their targeted audiences. With that in mind, here are some of the most common risk factors to pay attention to when...

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Electrical Safety Tips for Commercial Buildings

Every commercial building depends on electricity. Since these buildings are loaded with equipment, appliances, and various other electronics, the consumption of electricity tends to be extremely high, but it's not the consumption that worries us the most, it's the safety. Any electrical irregularities in commercial buildings can pose the risk of accidents like fires in seconds. Therefore, safety is the top priority when it comes to commercial buildings, especially due to the fact that they employ countless workers. To make sure these buildings stay safe, here are some useful electrical safety tips. Here are a few recommended OSHA guidelines for...

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Winter Weather Tips for Commercial Building Owners

While so many people look forward to the winter and colder weather, commercial building owners, service, and maintenance teams know that a challenge lies ahead. They’re responsible for the upkeep of commercial facilities and buildings so they must prepare for the winter. Here is the winter building checklist that will tell you what to pay attention to the most. Heating Systems When it comes to cold weather, heating systems need extreme maintenance. This should be your top priority. The best thing to do is to schedule your inspections according to a written plan to make sure that you address all...

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We are hiring!

We are hiring! Electrical Journeyman : Immediate openings for experienced commercial/industrial journeymen.  Pay rate will be DOE, between $25.00-40.00/hr. MSC Electrical is a veteran operated contractor seeking energetic and hardworking individuals for full time, permanent positions.  We provide a safe work environment, competitive wages, benefits package to include 401K, health insurance, dental/optical and paid vacations. Must have valid, up to date Michigan Master or Journeyman license.  Ideal candidates have experience in running job sites, good communication with customers and project managers, leading and training apprentice electricians, manage multiple crews and able to maintain materials ordering and work orders. Candidate will...

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MSC Electrical Grow Room and Extraction Facility Electrical Services

Electrical Services for Grow Rooms

Our certified master electricians are experienced in LED and HPS grow light installation, connect and disconnect of dehumidification units, ventilation systems, air conditioning units, irrigation controllers, generators, and all electrified machinery. We can also install your network, phone cables, and More. We can be your one-stop-shop! Our flooring division specializes in anti-microbial floor coating options for your grow facility. > LED and HPS grow lights > Specializing in power installation > Dehumidification systems > Ventilation systems > Air conditioning > Irrigation control systems > Security and compliance systems > Generator installation > Relocation planning and installation > Data cabling (Cat.5e, Cat. 6,...

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MSC Electrical partners with the Construction Association of Michigan

MSC Electrical LLC is now part the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM). Cam is the oldest and largest construction association in North America. The mission of CAM is to provide service, information and assistance to the construction industry. The Association exists to foster growth in the construction industry and encourage networking between members and their publics. CAM will act as a catalyst to promote and enhance profitability, efficiency and integrity within the industry for the benefit of Association members.  

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