Lighting Operational Costs and Efficiencies

Just a decade and a half ago, lighting was limited. No matter what kind of budget someone had, it all came down to incandescent bulbs and their wattage. Today, when doing lighting upgrades there are a lot of more options available.

A lot of plants and commercial areas rely on efficient lighting to bring light into all their spaces without spending too much money in the process. Regular households are trying to do the same, but how can this be done?

You might expect something ground-breaking but, in reality, we’re talking about LED lighting.

The Cost of LED

When changing lighting and light bulbs, the first thing most people consider is the cost. However, most people just stick to the initial costs of buying bulbs and they don’t consider other costs which also matter.

Apart from initial costs, you also need to consider the average lifespan of a bulb and how much power it uses. For example, an average incandescent bulb costs around $1, while an LED bulb is around $8. At first glance, the choice might be obvious but not when you know that the LED lasts almost 20 times longer and uses 5 times less energy.

How Much Can Be Saved with LED Lights?

With the things mentioned above, we can conclude that LED lights cost less over time but have a higher initial price. However, even though LED lights cost more to buy, their efficiency and energy saving qualities help reduce costs. A single LED light could save you around $150 in 20 years.

Bear in mind that we are talking about a single light and that an average household has around 20 light bulbs. This means saving around $3000 in 20 years or more. If we are talking about factories or stores where you have over 100 lights, you will be able to save $15,000 in two decades, which is a great sum.

The Benefits of LED Lights

Even though they’re widely available, a lot of people still don’t understand the value of LED lights and don’t think much about them.

When most people see LED lights, CFL or incandescent lights, they instantly realize that LED’s are the most expensive and they simply ignore these lights. However, apart from actually saving you money over time, LED lights also offer other benefits.

First of all, LED lights don’t take time to light up – they do so instantly. Unlike other types of light bulbs, LED lights don’t heat up while they work, meaning that the environment in which they are will remain at the same temperature, even if there are dozens of them.

LED lights truly have endless benefits for large facilities and factories. Consider making this larger initial investment because it’s well worth it and you will start saving in just several years. For assistance with any electrical solutions in your facility, reach out to MSC Electrical today!