MSC Electrical Grow Room and Extraction Facility Electrical Services

Electrical Services for Grow Rooms

Our certified master electricians are experienced in LED and HPS grow light installation, connect and disconnect of dehumidification units, ventilation systems, air conditioning units, irrigation controllers, generators, and all electrified machinery. We can also install your network, phone cables, and More. We can be your one-stop-shop!

Our flooring division specializes in anti-microbial floor coating options for your grow facility.

> LED and HPS grow lights
> Specializing in power installation
> Dehumidification systems
> Ventilation systems
> Air conditioning
> Irrigation control systems
> Security and compliance systems
> Generator installation
> Relocation planning and installation
> Data cabling (Cat.5e, Cat. 6, and phone)
> Bus duct installation
> Preventative maintenance
> UPS systems
> Turnkey service upgrades
> Transformer installation
> Material conveyance systems