Here at MSC Electrical, we’re aware of how rapidly the industry and markets evolve. We’re the leading company when it comes to managing equipment connections and industrial electrical contracting. We have designed our services to promote efficiency and sustainability in every possible way.

Thanks to our years of experience in this field, we have learned that just one industrial electrical service is not able to suit every manufacturer. By studying the food and beverage industry market, with its unique manufacturing and production processes, we have become experts in electrical solutions for the food and beverage industry. We deliver the best industrial electrical services on the market.

Industrial Electrical Contracting for the Food & Beverage Industry

Industrial electricity is an extremely complex and technical area. To help you benefit even more from our services, we get to know your business needs, visit your facilities, and get familiar with your processes. This allows us to deliver custom-tailored industrial electrical services – ones that reflect your unique business needs.

Our installations and methodology will help you sustain your transformation towards a smart manufacturing process. Whether you need to manage a new infrastructure or equipment connection, MSC Electrical offers the most reliable industrial electrical contracting services.

We work only with professional and experienced electricians. Some of the services we provide for the food industry are:

  • Industrial generator installation
  • Network cabling installation
  • Data cabling
  • Preventive maintenance
  • And much more.

Safety is a number one priority for MSC Electrical. We design the safest and most secure electrical solutions to ensure the protection of your employees. Here at MSC Electrical, we have a strict safety protocol and all of our services are done efficiently and safely.

Plant Relocation for the Food & Beverage Industry

We’re aware of how complex facility relocation is. Our high-quality plant and facility relocation electrical services are designed to help you move to a new location as fast as possible. To ensure this, our process starts with assessing your manufacturing and plant relocation needs. With our services, you will complete your relocation project with ease.

We excel at removing and reinstalling all electrical systems while documenting our entire process properly. Before we’re done, we will methodically test and verify all the equipment, installations, and connections to ensure that everything is fully operational and safe. Everything ranging from lighting and wiring to machinery and generators will function exactly as it should.

MSC Electrical consulting & contracting services will help you sustain your efficiency and productivity in this rapidly changing economy. Reach out to us today for more information on electrical solutions for the food and beverage industry.