At MSC Electrical we take pride in being a leading professional commercial remodeling contractor. We provide all necessary electrical services for commercial renovation and remodeling. Our professional team of experts provides the highest quality electrical services to get your business up and running, no matter the scope.

At MSC, we handle all types of commercial remodeling and electrical work for all types of additions and commercial renovation projects. Regardless of whether you want to remodel your office, bathroom, kitchen or entire restaurant, we will take care of your electrical needs in the most professional manner.

Our team of experts is specialized in electrical work of all types and we work to complete all projects on time and within budget because we know how important time is in these situations. Every business has their own schedule and deadlines, so we aim to provide our services to help you get back to work as soon as possible.

Commercial Electrical Remodeling Services

We provide three types of regular commercial electrical remodeling services:

  1. Building rewiring
  2. Electrical updates
  3. Safety Inspections

If your commercial building of any type is prone to experiencing frequent electrical problems, that probably means that you have faulty electrical wiring. Such problems could cause various types of damage and need to be taken care of quickly. With this in mind, our team of professionals will take care of any wiring problems, so you can focus on more urgent matters.

If you’re in need of entirely new electrical wiring, we can adapt new outlets and installation to your new wiring pattern. Electrical updates are always recommended, simply because it’s how we ensure that you can get back to being fully operational with fully functional electrical solutions.

If you’re in the process of renovating your business, you may be moving into a new building. When relocating, you’ll need safety inspections to ensure that there is no hazard waiting around the corner. At MSC Electrical, your safety and security are our number one priority, along with customer satisfaction, so our commercial renovation contractors will guarantee that all your electrical systems are up to code.

Our Training & Certification

MSC Electrical is certified to install electric vehicle charging stations and we offer a comprehensive set of installation services with the main goal aimed at providing the highest quality service and performance as well as installation knowledge and expertise.

We offer exclusive warranties for our work as our services are completely free of any issues. All our technicians are certified and highly trained to ensure that your EVs station has been properly installed.

With MSC Electrical, you can guarantee peace of mind for your EVS station installation. Reach out to us today to find out more.

Other Electrical Services

We provide a variety of additional electrical services for restaurant renovations, commercial bathroom remodeling, commercial kitchen remodeling, and office renovations including:

  • Equipment and machinery disconnect and reconnect
  • New installation wiring
  • General wiring of panels, receptacles, and service switches
  • Mounting of fully automatic transfer switches
  • Lighting upgrades and repair
  • Power installation and power factor correction
  • Server room and IT wiring

Commercial remodeling and commercial renovation have never been easier than with MSC Electrical. With our expertise, your business will be up and running in no time. No project is too big for us so, get in touch and let’s build your future together.