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Plant & Facility Relocation Electrical Services

MSC Electrical provides a full range of electrical services, from the most complex solutions to the simplest ones, to ensure that your plant and facility relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Our experienced crew of electrical experts is specialized in this type of work, so we’ll make sure that your specific needs and requirements are met.

At MSC Electrical, we understand that every relocation project is different. So, we custom-tailor our solutions to match your project’s scope. We value details and guarantee accuracy and speed paired with excellent customer service. We will do everything within our power to make sure your facility relocation process goes seamlessly. Our services will help you manage your scope and schedule while providing cost-efficient electrical solutions.

MSC Factory & Plant Relocation Electrical Services

As a leading plant relocation electrical contractor, we provide all necessary relocation and electrical services needed to ensure that your factory or plant continues operating and functioning regularly. Therefore, these services include:

  • Project assessment of your factory and plant relocation needs and requirements
  • Removal of electrical systems as well as reinstallation
  • Providing all necessary documentation and legal requirements
  • Review and installation of all power requirements
  • Ensuring all new power requirements are in compliance with machinery requirements at the new location
  • Installing full electrical on-site support
  • Full reinstallation as well as all required setups and testing
  • Test and verification that all electrical equipment is fully operational and functional.

Our electrical services encompass every electrical aspect of plant and facility relocation. This includes machinery and equipment, generators and transfer switches, general wiring and lighting upgrades, as well as power factor correction, power installation, IT, and server room wiring.

At MSC, our years of experience is sure to aid your relocation project. Contact us today for a quote!