Working with a certified EVS station installation technician, or a certified Leviton installation technician, has numerous benefits for your company. A certified technician has all the necessary professionalism, expertise, knowledge, tools, and equipment to get the job done properly. When it comes to electrical vehicle charging station installation, a job done right means safety and security of all those who use those electric vehicles and their charging stations.

Just one mistake might cost your company more than just an out-of-order electric vehicle. Therefore, hiring a certified installation technician makes a huge difference. These technicians were properly trained in accordance with the latest installation practices and networking standards.

On top of all that, certified technicians and providers are committed to using the highest quality AV products, fiber, and copper, all according to the latest standards in cabling technology. Therefore, a certified provider, such as MSC Electrical, can guarantee to keep your network protected.

Why Hire a Certified Leviton Installation Technician?

When working with a certified electrical vehicle charging station installation provider, you can count on many benefits. The three most obvious reasons would be:

  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • Added peace of mind
  • Possibility of making a greater return on your infrastructure investment

With all this in mind, working with a certified Leviton installation technician also includes:

  • The highest quality workmanship backed by a top-industry expertise
  • Licensed professionals bonded by the latest per state standards and requirements
  • Highly skilled technicians with the understanding of the latest installation practices, technologies, and standards
  • Only the best materials and products for the installations
  • Industry-leading performance and product warranties

Our Training & Certification

MSC Electrical is certified to install electric vehicle charging stations and we offer a comprehensive set of installation services with the main goal aimed at providing the highest quality service and performance as well as installation knowledge and expertise.

We offer exclusive warranties for our work as our services are completely free of any issues. All our technicians are certified and highly trained to ensure that your EVs station has been properly installed.

With MSC Electrical, you can guarantee peace of mind for your EVS station installation. Reach out to us today to find out more.