Getting Wiring Closets Right

Wiring closets tend to be tricky business and most people who aren’t in I.T. aren’t really sure where to start in terms of organization. Well, this doesn’t have to be so, as we have a few useful tips up our sleeve that might make this challenge a bit simpler and easier for you. So, without any further ado, here’s how to get wiring closets right:

Keep Your Wiring Closet Clean

The best way to get wiring closets right and organized is by keeping them clean at all times. So, take out all things that have no place in a data closet, as electronic debris can actually damage the closet aside from not serving any purpose at all.

Cable Management System

When it comes to server room wiring, there are a lot of cables involved which can make a mess, especially if you have a huge wiring closet. Therefore, considering a CMS, or a cable management system, might just turn out to be quite the useful tool.

This system offers various tools such as cable clips, racks and so on that helps you keep your wiring closet organized with every cable in its place.

If you can clearly visualize your entire system, you can easily approach any cable if necessary or fix any malfunctions without problems. If your budget is low, you can consider cable lacing or zip or Velcro ties to keep your cables grouped together.

Label Everything

If you’re on a tight budget and you’re not using a huge wiring closet, consider labeling everything. Chasing cables all over your wiring closet isn’t going to get you very far and this is perhaps, one of the biggest problems with wiring closets.

Instead of wasting your time, buy a labeler and label each cable to its input and output. This will make finding a specific end of the cable in question a lot easier.

Naming Structure & Color Schemes

Walking into your wiring closet after some time might result in a lot of confusion, as there are so many network cables all over the place that can be overwhelming. A naming structure or a simple color scheme can take care of this and make identifying cables and their purpose much easier. You can also do it with a simple colored wrap or tape.

Size Matters

In the case of data closets, the size of cables matters as it can make proper organization almost impossible. Therefore, reduce the length of all cables to the size needed for your wiring closet.

Follow these tips and your wiring closet will be organized in no time. For any cabling or electrical assistance, reach out to MSC Electrical today!